Powders Press is a biannual online magazine of themed queer writing from LGBTQIA+ writers. Joining a number of other magazines Powders was born out of the desire for greater representation of queer experience in literature. Powders Press takes its name from the kitsch laundrette in the classic 1985 queer film 'My Beautiful Laundrette' (screenplay by Hanif Kureishi starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Gordon Warnecke) from which this platform draws its inspiration. The film explores sexuality amidst the backdrop of racial prejudice, Thatcherism, and socio-political inequalities. We're looking to publish short fiction and poetry that similarly interrogates the intersections of sexuality, gender, religion, working-class experiences, and identity. 

Scott Aaron Tait (he/they)

Founder and Editor-in-chief

Scott is a queer autistic writer with a Fine Art MFA from Newcastle University. Their writing has been published in The Write Launch, Odd Magazine, Untitled Voices, Pastel Pastoral, From the Farther Trees, Warning Lines, Small Leaf Press, Unstamatic, Stone of Madness Press and En*Gendered.  Scott's short story 'Mr. Hardcastle's Accidental Revolution' was shortlisted for the 2016 Theatre Cloud ‘Tell a Tale’ Prize. Scott is currently editing their debut YA novel as part of the Cornerstones Elevate Mentor Scheme with support from an editor at Bloomsbury Publishing and is a past recipient of a ‘Michael Langan LGBTQ+ Free Read’ awarded by The Literary Consultancy. In addition to Powders Press, Scott is the co-founder and editor of Queerlings Magazine. Between meltdowns, he collects things, mostly books, and drinks copious amounts of coffee. For more on Scott's writing please visit their website www.scottaarontait.com and follow him on socials @scottaarontait

Powders Press is not currently open to staff applications. Any future opportunities will be posted here. 

Thank you for your interest in Powders Press.